Unending Void

The Big room and Inner room


May 22 – June 9, 2014 

There was something about the morning sunshine that Charles loved very much. It was warm on his skin, but didn’t burn. Looking through his videos and photographs, he was surprised with how he really liked what he saw. In Charles Buenconsejo’s third solo exhibit, “Unending Void,” he seeks the extremes to feel for the middle ground. Logging off the social media grid, he finds a measure of peace away from the noise. He continues to feed his fascination for concepts and ideas relating to the Universe. But it is the ringing silence of an empty apartment during the day and the confusion carried on by over information that only complicated things. He’s back to square one. Spending some time outside from living in his head, he finds a renewed fascination to the hum and rumble of the city living in the middle of the Ortigas business district, or the rhythmic lapping of waves from a weekend excursion. But we will not find visual traces of these landscapes in his viewfinder, but rather a moving recording of light. Our stories depict light in ways that channel our deepest longings and desires, or twists of fate: a cosmic rupture that signals the birth of the universe, the source of truth or the light of knowledge, twinkling lanterns for a celebration or a holiday, or the screaming neons signs that want you to want them. There is light that illuminates, and there is light that consumes. With his anxious view towards the forward march to an unforeseeable future, he finds himself longing for a romantic past of the simple life, a craving for a sweet resolution. Capturing the sunlight, this single source of light that fills the dark frame of the lens, it surprisingly becomes a practice in meditation and an anchor to the here and now.

unending void

Installation View

tomorrow never knows

tomorrow never knows 1

tomorrow never knows 2

tomorrow never knows 3

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